DaYan V ZhanChi Review

DaYan V ZhanChi

sdThe DaYan ZhanChi is definitely one of the best cubes in the market. Since it is the fifth cube of the Dayan series, the designer has have experience of what’sgood and what’s bad in a cube. And this cube containsof all the good stuff. The ZhanChi has been highlyanticipated for almost a year now. The turning isamazingly fast with incredible controllability. It feelssmooth and has the smallest clicking, which basically means, it feels like any other DaYan cubes (whichpeople love). sdThe cutting on this cube can be 45degrees as long as you keep in on the right tension,which is not hard to find since this cube is has somuch cutting ability. The ZhanChi has no pops sincethere are torpedoes/T-pieces extended on the edgepiece. This grabs on to the inner mechanism and
erases all chance of popping. Locks are extremely rare because of the cutting ability and the stickers are great. Overall, this cube is one of the best cubes outthere. You can’t call yourself a speedcuber until you have one.
yeah.. go ahead and watch it